Types of Powers in a Relationship

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Exchange, Social exchange theory Pages: 3 (761 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Types of Powers in Relationships
Relationships can be typed according to the way partners share power or decision-making and responsibilities (Beebe, Beebe, Redmond, 2011). A complementary relationship is when only one partner dominates making the majority of the decisions on what to do and what not to do. A symmetrical relationship is when both partners behaved towards power in the same way such as avoiding it. A competitive symmetrical relationship is when both partners battle for control to make the decision. Submissive symmetrical relationship is when neither of the partners wants to impose their decision upon the other. Parallel relationship is a rotation in decision-making depending on what may be the situation. Under no circumstances should power in a relationship be unethical, but we do live in a

right now world. Power is used unethically when the person uses the power for personal gain.

power can be invisible to the partner that is not using it. A nurse works in a mental health

facility, this one patient is aware of everything that goes on if he takes his medicine. This day the

nurse came in she was tired and did not feel up to par, so being that she was not feeling well she

used her power by not giving the patient his medicine. The patient was acting totally out of

character and had to be restrained to his bed, by doing this the nurse did not have to deal with

him on that day because he could not leave his room until the next day after he received his

medicine and was back on track. Another example could be that men and women both use power

in their relationships unethically to get what they my want at that time out of the relationship and

the other person. If a woman wants the man to do something she may reframe from having sex

until she gets what she wants because that seems to be very important to the man. A man may

reframe from giving the female money or doing things around the house...
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