Types of Power

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Types of Power

The power that I find to be most effective is reward power. When management uses reward power it allows for employees to become motivated. The concept of reward power is to deliver rewards or benefits to influence workers and get a job or task completed. Reward power is extremely effective when dealing with human behavior. It also increases your abilities to persuade your employees to get this job or task completed. There are several different ways an employee can be rewarded. Some examples are a pay raise, time off, or additional resources to get a task completed. There are also other ways to reward an employee that are intangible. Some examples of intangible rewards are praising an employee of their recognition, verbal approval as well as encouragement. When dealing with reward power it serves as effective communication. It allows for management to discuss with employees specific tasks that are needed to be completed. This is giving both management and employees time to talk back and forth as far as ideas and concerns regarding the workplace. It also gives employees the chance to express themselves and give ideas regarding the work environment. This is a great approach to having open lines of communication at all times. It also gives employees the feeling of being valued and important. This in turn makes for great morale, hard working, loyal and dedicated employees. The power that I feel I possess is referent power. Referent power is based off of the relationships that one builds with others within an organization. When others respect and like you, you achieve reference power. Referent power comes from charisma. A person who is charismatic is able to influence others based off of the trust and respect that others have for you. Referent power comes from the personal connections that one has built for them. For the past seven years I have been working at a cemetery in the accounting department. It is a very small based...
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