Types of Organizations and Leadership Styles

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Types of Organizations and leadership styles
Hypothesis: different types of organizations perform better with leadership styles tailored to that industry or type of organization. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- When researching the different styles of leadership, one question that likely comes to mind is the relationship of the leadership style to the performance of the organization. Organizations in the same industry can have vast differences based upon their corporate culture. The corporate culture itself can promote an environment of one style of leadership over the other. Also, there are styles such as coaching that overlap onto other leadership styles. We will explore the different leadership styles within a service and manufacturing environment as well as identify what leadership can mean to an organization’s bottom line. Most importantly, the desire to accomplish the organization’s goals is crucial to both the leader and the manager in the organization, yet how they achieve them varies. “Leaders provide vision and inspiration” while “managers provide the resources and expect results” (Ofori & Toor, 65). Effective leaders are often referred to as being coaches that guide employees along the way. The mere presence of a leader encourages people especially when providing the support and the foundation that coaches or leaders provide. Employees like guidance, whether it is having someone there or knowing where they are heading, it provides a sense of comfort and gives them reassurance and confidence. The vision that leaders have is to have their employees right along with them to strive together to make the organization successful as a team. This type of style helps to structure the organization in a positive manner where people feel comfortable, valued, and most importantly seen as resources that benefit the company for the greater good. Being a coach means that you are a mentor and you provide a vision, hope, and a future. Coaching is a method that is often used to get people into and excited about their work. Tulgan says that “when a leader talks like a performing coach with charisma, passion, and enthusiasm; you actually coach people to success in this manner” (Tulgan, 47). This type of leadership vision helps to unite people in the sense that they feel a part of a team and the organization. Coaches and leaders are a lot alike, for they both are encouraging, passionate, and good with change. What is a leader? Vision, passion, strategic thinking, communication skills, motivation, ability to unite people, personal power, consistency, adaptability, discipline, resolution, the constant search for excellence, the aptitude to relate are some characteristics and skills commonly needed for the maturity of good leadership. He is someone that has a base of followers that look up to him and is motivated to strive to succeed. Also, a leader is someone who has the ability to manage people and teams with different personalities and successful manages them, mobilizing them for common goals. In a simpler definition, leadership is communicating to people their own values and potential so clearly, so strong that they end up seeing the leader in themselves as well. Nobody wants to be led by someone who lacks courage and confidence. A leader generates a superior style and positive leadership to those who dare to work and seek opportunities never attempted before. A great quality of an effective leader is to know how to earn the respect of the team through its influence not by his position, but the understanding of what is right and just, a leadership style according to which all are treated fairly and equally often creates a sense of security. This is extremely constructive too great a leveling factor in the workplace.

Overall, being lead by someone who engages with employees, leaders, also known as change agents, are essential to establishing a good work atmosphere. A...
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