Types of Murderers

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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Types of Murderers

Jeffery Dahmer
1. Was a serial killer based on the criteria provided by the text: hands on murder (most of his victims were bound and stabbed; he even attempted crude lobotomies with a hand drill). Kills are deliberate, premeditated and sexually predatory in nature (He lured young men in with promises of sex, for the purpose of murder, and often engaged in sexual congress with his victim either alive or dead, often both. Serial killers also exhibit higher levels of planning when it comes to disposition of corpse and frequently used some means of restraint for the victim whilst living (he was reported to have used handcuffs on one of his Asian victims as well as an African American male that was found wandering the streets with a handcuff on his wrist alleging that Dahmer had perpetrated some offense upon his person. Additionally, he utilized highly elaborate means to dispose of his victims; at the beginning of his killings he murdered a man and buried him in the back yard and later returned to pulverize the remains; in later years he was known to have eaten his victims) (Kraemer, Lord and Heilbrun, 2004). Dahmer was both meticulous and organized with elaborated plans to obtain his victims as well as complex means to dispose of the corpse once the sex appeal faded. Dahmer was reported to be highly intelligent, socially competent and clean enough to lure men in for sexual purpose, he additionally used ETOH during the crime; all criteria to fit the organized profile provide by the FBI in the assigned reading. The elements of the crime speak to his childhood as one where he grew up without much feeling of control or safety in his surroundings. As reported by the biography Dahmer engaged in necrophilia and tried grotesque experimentation on some of his living victims that included drilling holes in their skull and pouring acid in the hole as a crude form of lobotomy that would enable him to bring his control over the dead to working on living...
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