Types of Media

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Types of Print Media:
Newspapers: Newspapers are the most popular forms of print media. The advertiser in this case can choose from a daily newspaper to a weekly tabloid. Different types of newspaper cater to various audiences and one can select the particular category accordingly. Advertisers then design press advertisements where in the size is decided as per the budget of the client.

Magazines: Magazines also offer advertisers an opportunity to incorporate various new techniques and ideas. Magazines are one such form of print media that give a more specific target group to the client. The client can make a choice of the particular magazine as per the product.

Newsletters: Newsletters also form an important part of print media. These target a specific group of audience and give information on the product.

Brochures: Brochures give detailed information about the product. These are mainly distributed at events or even at the main outlet when a consumer needs to read in detail about the product.

Posters: Posters are forms of outdoor advertising. The message in a poster has to be brief and eye catching as it targets a person on the move.

Apart from these media, direct mail marketing, flyers, handbills/leaflets, banner advertising, billboard advertising, press releases etc are all the various types of print media.

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What are the Effects of Media
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Journalism Studies Read the prize winning article by Zvi Reich www.informaworld.com/rjos Career in TV,Flim & Event One Year Programme with Internship Industry Faculty,Placement support www.vivekempowerment.com WLC College Creative Courses in Fashion/Design/ Media/Advertisement/Film/TV www.wlci.in Today we live in a world, which has been closely knit with a wide network of different types of mass media. Although many people blame the media for invasion of privacy and even trivializing of news, we fail to realize that media is a mere reflection of the society we live in, the society we created ourselves. Media has several advantages as well as disadvantages in day-to-day life. Here are some of the effects of the media:

Shaping the public opinion: The media is an important medium which informs the people about the latest news and happening around the world. According to the agenda-setting theory of mass communication, the media plays an important role in shaping the public opinion.

Providing Entertainment: According to the uses and gratification theory of mass media, it is believed that the audiences use the media according to their own needs and requirements. Many media users make use of media as a form of entertainment by means of television shows, movies, or even music.

Disseminating Information: Media is an extensive resource of information for millions of people across the world. Be it the Internet, television or the humble radio and newspapers, media is an extensive source of information on a wide range of topics, which broadens the horizons of knowledge. Be it world news or general useful information about any topic under the sky, it is the media which has it all!

Link between Government and the People: In addition to being a news provider, the media is also considered as a link between the government and the people since it informs the public about the general developments by the government and simultaneously serves as a voice of the general population, expressing their opinions and ideas.

Delivering Justice: There have been ample number of examples wherein the media has been instrumental in creating public awareness about several criminal cases, which has led to speedy justice delivered to the victims. Thus, media plays an important role in publicizing cases, which require public attention. http://www.buzzle.com/articles/what-are-the-effects-of-media.html

Different Types of...
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