Types of Love in "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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People are prone to others, to hold onto ideals they cherish the most. We as human beings need some sort of physical form to attach ourselves to no matter what circumstance may be presented in front of us. Love is just one of the many presented circumstances that require such attachments, the purest and most in depth circumstance that anyone could ever be a part of. The characters within the story “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love” are considered to be within the boundaries of an in-love relationship. They show the differences between couples, the good and evil, and even what the betrayal of previous marriages can do to a person’s ability to fall in love again. There is one key to being able to succeed without probable cause to fail and that would be the ability to adapt. The necessity to accommodate another’s form of love is a requirement for any relationship to blossom into a successful, happy romance. Within the story, there are four different people; Nick and Laura then Teri and Mel, who are in their respective relationships and both are somewhat in opposite positions. The couple of Nick and Laura being the newly wed, deep lovers who can’t see any bad in the other – the so called innocence of love, while Mel and Teri are the previously divorced, bitter (so it seems, when you get down to the deep roots of their relationship) couple who have scarring past experiences – the so called corruptive love laced with a hint of hazed mystery. If there ever was a perfect definition of love, the characters within the story defiantly do not exhibit it at all. They’re more or less the extremes of love, the low and high points. From the depressive, drunken stupor love to the puppy-dog-eyed, lovey-dovey love. Both couples have various aspects that support the accusation, possibly even countless, mind boggling infectious reasons. When in the end, without balance there is no love, just desire and regret. Regret for past wrongs and...
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