Types of Liars

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  • Published : November 16, 2010
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Types of Liars

There is something that often troubles our society. It is worse than all kinds of cancers combined and as horrifying to see. It is hard to catch and is more common than the common cold. It is lying. Everyone at one point in their life has lied. Many lie to the most important people in their lives because they don’t want to create conflict between them, but it just ends up making a bigger mess than if they would have told the truth. Some lie to other people they hardly even know because they want to be like them or make a good impression.

Everyone tells lies once in a while, although the number and severity of the lies varies from one person to the other. There are three types of liars: the sociopathic liar, the compulsive liar, and the pathological liar.

Sociopaths have no problem lying and it is almost impossible for them to be truthful. It all starts when they lie once to hide a mistake and then continue lying to cover up the lies that they started. Sociopaths are incapable of feelings and do not understand the impact of compulsively lying. If they are caught lying, sociopaths are clever at changing the subject by blaming someone else and getting right out of the mess. Often, sociopaths are even so smart at lying, that they can even pass lie detector tests. Which is why they hardly ever end up in a bad place such as jail or on someone’s bad side. A sociopath shows no feelings or emotions. They don’t laugh, cry, or get angry. They live in their own world and have their own morals. They think they are not accountable to anyone and a lack of feelings for others allows them to ignore responsibility and then placing the blame on others. Sociopaths are a fake, and so are their promises. Everybody has lied on some occasion in life, but compulsive lying is different, a compulsive liar has no control over their lying habit. It is very uncomfortable for them to speak the truth. They lie on both small and big issues....
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