Types of Leaders

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Anna Stoycheva
English 101c: Exposition
December 10, 2012
Types of Leaders
Imagine a bus full of people, traveling on a vacation in a foreign country. It is around 6 p.m., the bus drives by a small town, while the sun is slowly setting on the horizon. Suddenly, there is a strange noise, the bus stops and the driver tells everyone to get off. Most of the people are confused; some are scared and some are trying to make fun of the situation, but none of them actually knows what to do. Among the people, however, there are some that have the ability to get out of such situations, make people work together, and control what is happening. Those are the people that have distinguished leadership skills, and they usually fall into three categories – The Deal Maker, the Visionary, and The Administrator. The Deal Maker is the kind of leader who has the ability to attract an audience. He is the person one can see jumping around, having fun, and making jokes all the time. He is very easy to follow, because he makes people feel comfortable. When the situation is very tense, he is the one to cheer everyone up by cracking a joke. However, everything the Deal Maker does has a purpose. Even though he seems frivolous at first glance, he is actually very sensitive and emotional, and strongly believes that team spirit depends mainly on the atmosphere of the group. That is why his actions, as ridiculous as they sometimes may be, are directed towards the group’s condition as a whole, as well as the good mood of every one of its members. The Deal Maker is a supporter of the idea that in order for a group to do something together, its members have to feel that they belong together. The Visionary combines creativity and inspiration, and knows perfectly well how to affect the people surrounding him. He has the ability to “read” people, judging them only by their personal behavior. No more than 10 minutes is all the Visionary needs, in order to understand how to...
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