Types of Land Use in Rwanda

Topics: Land use, Central business district, Arable land Pages: 4 (1296 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Land Economics is dedicated to the study of land use, natural resources, public utilities, housing, and urban land issues. 'Land use' is also often used to refer to the distinct land use types in zoning. Land use is the human use of land. Land use involves the management and modification of natural environment or wilderness into built environment such as fields, pastures, and settlements. It also has been defined as "the arrangements, activities and inputs people undertake in a certain land cover type to produce Types of the various land uses in Rwanda are:

1. Residential Land Use
-This land use is where people live (houses, apartment buildings) and the following table show the distribution of land per household by province 2006 Gitarama ,butare,gikongoro,are now southern province and cyangungu , kibuye, Gisenyi,are Western Ruhengeri , Byumba are northen.while umutara and kibungo are eastern province now.

2. Institutional Land Use
These are Government related (schools, town hall, police station) Rwanda use its land for education purses, like an example where high institution are located, universities, primary school and different institutional buildings. These use have interest to the citizens.

3. Recreational Land Use
These are land for fun, entertainment purposes (parks, bowling place) like examples of national and regional stadium, recreational area , and different youth center for leisure like kimisagara youth center Gatenga , national museum .national park etc

4. Open/ Vacant Space Land Use
- these are Empty land public garden land use like premature public garden , MINADEF public garden etc. and some private vacant (plot) which are waiting for a development.

5. Commercial Land Use
- places to do with [making] money (stores, banks) those places are example CBD (central business district) located in a city center and there are some commercial zone like KISIMENTI , REMERA , and other place used to carry out...
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