Types of Intelligence

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Types of Intelligence
Although intelligence can be defined in several different ways there are specifically eight different types of intelligence. They are as follows; language, logic and math, visual and spatial, music, bodily-kinesthetic, intrapersonal, naturalist (Coon 2009). Each form of intelligence is important and each person may excel in one type of intelligence. Thus making each individual special in their type of learning.

Artificial intelligence is computer programs or robots capable of doing things that would require a certain type of intelligence if a human were to try to complete the program. An example of this would be if a car repair man had an older model car such as a 1979 then the repair man would be able to use his knowledge to fix the car. However if the car in need of repair was a 2010 model chances are you will need to hook it up to a machine that will tell you what the problem is because it is a computerized car.

Artificial intelligence can not excel in all areas of intelligence. There are many things that artificial intelligence cannot do such as communicate in certain ways. It can give a person answers but it cannot express love. It can respond to a question, but it cannot minister to someone like a human can. Many times it takes intrapersonal skills to help a person through a problem which a computer cannot do. In other instances a teacher could help a student by showing that they care by doing something out of the ordinary for them which artificial intelligence could not do.

There are many areas in which Artificial Intelligence could excel. Such as in logic and math intelligence, and in visual and spatial intelligence. Artificial intelligence could help in many ways in this type of intelligence. Through computers, calculators and more people are able to create things that they could not have done without them. We can also see this help in music. Today we can change how any type of music sounds through the use of...
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