Types of Innovations in Marketing

Topics: Google, Television, Amazon.com Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: March 13, 2013
List five innovations. Label each as continuous, dynamically continuous, or discontinuous. Defend your selection of type of innovation.

1) Google Applications: Aside from Gmail, Google’s popular email service, Google offers new applications that come seamlessly to consumers. From Google documents, to Google calendar, to Drive where everything is stored, Google makes these continuous changes often and consumers do not need to learn any new skills. Recently, Google has added the capability to make multiple calls on Google voice and to add appointment slots to Google calendar. I believe Google’s Applications are considered a continuous innovation because all of these features are added automatically and consumers do not need to install or purchase any of them. All of their new applications make sense and make consumers lives easier and more organized. 2) Snapchat: I believe Snapchat is a continuous innovation. Snapchat is an application on the iPhone and Android that allows users to send photos of themselves to their friends for 10 seconds or less. After the amount of time they select, the photos are deleted. Snapchat does not require users learn any new skills to use the app since it works like texting or instant messaging. Over 60 million people use Snapchat because it provides them with a fun more personal way to communicate with their friends. 3) 3D Televisions: Looking back throughout the history of the television, the introduction of the color TV was huge. Nowadays consumers are able to purchase televisions with 3D capabilities! Companies and entertainment studios are still working on a standard for these new televisions. I believe the 3D television is a dynamically continuous innovation. Consumers must learn to operate the new television since it uses internet and USB technologies. Also, being able to watch movies in 3D in the comfort of your own home is something consumers would not have even dreamt of 20 years ago! 4) The Amazon Kindle: The Kindle...
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