Types of Infrastructure

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  • Published : October 5, 2013
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Types of Infrastructure
Infrastructure is divided into two major classifications, "hard" and "soft". "Hard" is obviously the roads, bridges, etc. It also relates to the big physical networks essential for the functioning of a modern industrial nation Hard infrastructures refers to physical facilities or installations needed to operate, manage and monitor a system with the intention that the structures to be permanent whereas "soft" infrastructure is human capital and institutions that develop it, such as community colleges and universities.. All the institutions which are needed to maintain the economic, health and cultural and social standards of a country may also be referred as "soft" infrastructure such as the education system, financial system, health care system, government and law enforcement. Both hard and soft infrastructure are essential for the progress and discovery of a nation.

The following are types of hard infrastructures but is limited to capital resources that serve the function of delivery or path of people, vehicles, fluids, energy or information and which take the form either of a network or of a critical node used by vehicles. One type of hard infrastructure is transport infrastructure. This type refers to the road and highway networks, transit systems (MRT and LRT), railways, canals and waterways, seaports and lighthouses, airports, bicycle paths and pedestrian lane, underpasses and ferries. Another type of hard infrastructure is energy infrastructure like power networks, gas pipes, petroleum pipes, coal handling facilities, steam or hot water production and distribution networks for district heating systems, electric vehicle networks for charging electric vehicles. Coal mines, oil wells and natural gas may be classified as part of mining and industrial sector of the economy but not part of infrastructure.

Another type is water management infrastructure and examples are those drinking water supplies, sewage collection, drainage...
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