Types of Information System

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Types Of Information System
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Information System

An information system is a collection of hardware, software, data, people and procedures that are designed to generate information that supports the day-to-day, short-range, and long-range activities of users in an organization.  Information systems generally are classified into five categories:  office information systems, transaction processing systems, management information systems, decision support systems, and expert systems.  The following sections present each of this information system.

Office Information System

An office information system, or OIS (pronounced oh-eye-ess), is an information system that uses hardware, software and networks to enhance work flow and facilitate communications among employees.  Win an office information system, also described as office automation; employees perform tasks electronically using computers and other electronic devices, instead of manually.  With an office information system, for example, a registration department might post the class schedule on the Internet and e-mail students when the schedule is updated.  In a manual system, the registration department would photocopy the schedule and mail it to each student’s house.  

An office information system supports a range of business office activities such as creating and distributing graphics and/or documents, sending messages, scheduling, and accounting.  All levels of users from executive management to non management employees utilize and benefit from the features of an OIS.  

The software an office information system uses to support these activities include word processing, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics, e-mail, Web browsers, Web page authoring, personal information management, and groupware.  Office information systems use communications technology such as voice mail, facsimile (fax), videoconferencing, and electronic data interchange (EDI) for the electronic exchange of text, graphics, audio, and video.  An office information system also uses a variety of hardware, including computers equipped with modems, video cameras, speakers, and microphones; scanners; and fax machines.

Transaction Processing System

A transaction processing system (TPS) is an information system that captures and processes data generated during an organization’s day-to-day transactions.  A transaction is a business activity such as a deposit, payment, order or reservation.  

Clerical staff typically perform the activities associated with transaction processing, which include the following:  
1.    Recording a business activity such as a student’s registration, a customer’s order, an employee’s timecard or a client’s payment.  
2.    Confirming an action or triggering a response, such as printing a student’s schedule, sending a thank-you note to a customer, generating an employee’s paycheck or issuing a receipt to a client.  

3.     Maintaining data, which involves adding new data, changing existing data, or removing unwanted data.  
Transaction processing systems were among the first computerized systems developed to process business data – a function originally called data processing.  Usually, the TPS computerized an existing manual system to allow for faster processing, reduced clerical costs and improved customer service.  

The first transaction processing systems usually used batch processing.  With batch processing, transaction data is collected over a period of time and all transactions are processed later, as a group.  As computers became more powerful, system developers built online transaction processing systems.  With online transaction processing (OLTP) the computer processes transactions as they are entered.  When you register for classes, your school probably uses OLTP.  The registration administrative...
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