Types of Gum Chewers

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Hayley Brinkley
Billy Allison
English Composition 1010
25 January 2013
We will never be alone:
There are several millions of people that enjoy a good piece of chewing gum every day. However, just because two people may enjoy the same taste in gum, it does not mean that they chew their gum in the same way. Overall, when you think about it there are several ways that people choose to chew their gum. So here are some of the ways a gum chewer can be categorized because of the way they chew their gum:

Oldie but Goodie
Smack, Smackers
Oldie but Goodie:
The Oldie but Goodie gum-chewer is usually the least annoying type of chewer. They do not really have anything special that they like to do with their gum other than just chewing it. Many people that find gum-chewers annoying praise these people because they are the easiest going of all gum-chewers.

The Bubble-Blowers are named because they basically just really like blowing bubbles. They can also have a pretty simplistic form of chewing because it is just a repetitive motion that they use. However, they can be more annoying than and “Oldie” would be because of the sound when they pop their bubble. For them it is something that has formed into a habit and usually is unnoticed, but for others it can be a nuisance to hear gum just popping over and over again.

Smack, Smackers:
The Smack, Smackers are pretty much always ruled as being the most annoying type of gum-chewers. When a Smack, Smacker chews gum, they are basically loud noise makers. Somehow no matter what way they chew their gum, they always find a way to be smackity, smack, smackin. Usually, most people cannot help but to tell them to stop smacking!

The Trickster loves to play tricks with the way they chew their gum. For example, they may blow a bubble inside a bubble, or make a gigantic snap with the way they make their gum pop or they may even be able to...
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