Types of Famolies

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Types of Families
Family is a group of people who live together and share different physical and moral dresponsibilities in their daily life. People usually start the families in order to be successful in this life, to have someone special to love, be loved back, to have children and bring them up. It is impossible to understand the role of family for our society because all the basic principles of moral, social behavior and personal development are being set up in the family; as a result, there are several types of families. The first one is called traditional families, which consist of two heterosexual parents and their one or more children. The traditional type of families is usually children – oriented. Sometimes both parents work and bring more income into the family budget, but sometimes only one parent works and the other focused on the care of children and do all the housework. Certainly in a family with a traditional father and mother children receive more parental care and have good opportunities for personal development. However, it is valid only for those situations when the parents live in love and mutual understanding and can create a positive climate in the family. Unfortunately, frequently parents have conflicts and different misunderstandings, which seriously affect normal development of the children. The second type is a single parent family, when a single father or a single mother brings up the children. Mostly, a single mother after divorcing her husband receives the right to look after the children by herself. Of course, a single parent has to work harder to earn enough money; at the same time, she or he needs to give more care and attention to the children. A single- parent family is a less favorable environment for bringing up children. Usually the children of single parent are more responsible, determined, flexible, modest and good in decision making and doing housework. Finally, the third type is the situations when by some reason...
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