Types of Evaluations

Topics: Assessment, Evaluation, Special needs Pages: 4 (892 words) Published: January 2, 2013
1. -------------------------------------------------
Answer the questions below about the following types of evaluation:

* -------------------------------------------------
Student Contracts
* -------------------------------------------------
Peer Evaluation
Use information from the lesson, textbook, Internet research, and your personal opinions to answer the questions. Your answer to each question must be explained in detail.

* -------------------------------------------------
What is the value of using contracts as an evaluation, both for regular students and special needs students? * -------------------------------------------------
Contracts provide an alternative to traditional instruction. Contracts allow students to work more independently to obtain a desired level of mastery. They are based on the initiative of the student to select and agree upon the desired outcome. You as the teacher should set the basic requirements to ensure that all instructional goals and objectives are being meet. Once the student enters into a contract, it is the student's responsibility to meet or exceed the requirements set forth in the contract. * -------------------------------------------------

What are the disadvantages, if any, of using contracts with students as a means of evaluation? As a teacher you must ensure that the contracts are effective tools to special needs students learning. Additionally, the contracts must adhere to the special needs student’s IEPs and 504 plans. * -------------------------------------------------

What do you see as advantages and disadvantages of using peer evaluations? * -------------------------------------------------
Peer Evaluation Techniques elicit valuable student input through student perception and understanding, and/or opinions. This observation data is systematically gathered and reviewed. This process can provide...
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