Types of Euthanasia

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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Euthanasia is used as a last resort to end the life of a patient with little or no potential for quality of life. There are three types of euthanasia. The first is voluntary euthanasia which is legal in some countries such as Switzerland , as well as in the states of Oregon and Washington in the United States. It is possible to perform euthanasia only with the consent of the patient. The second form of euthanasia is non-voluntary and is illegal in all countries. However, it could be carried out in a situation where patients are not capable of making a choice. In the Netherlands, physicians usually can pass prosecution when non-voluntary euthanasia is being considered for an infant, though they are guided by well described and strict conditions. Involuntary euthanasia may be conducted against the will of a patient. This type of euthanasia is divided into two catagories known as passive euthanasia and active euthanasia. Passive euthanasia usually withholds or stops preserving treatments necessary for the continuation of life. Active euthanasia entails the use of lethal injection by assistance. This is considered murder by many people and has undergone much debate.

Though most countries prohibit performing euthanasia, a few countries do allow doctors to carry out euthanasia to patients. For example, the Netherlands is a primary country ,which in the year 2001, passed a bill allowing the performance of euthanasia . In turn , Belgium, Switzerland, and Columbia followed with their consent to also allow euthanasia for patients. In 2004 , France passed an end of life bill allowing patients to request an end to further treatment when there is no chance of recovery. In Britain, people continue to debate. Because most countries still forbid the use of euthanasia, some patients opting for this choice, have chosen to move or visit those countries which do allow it. If the reasons for the move is known ahead of time, the patient may be blocked from moving or visiting. In my...
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