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Assignment 1 :
Write a review for FOUR different types of essays.

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Narrative essay
‘The Climb’ is a sample of narrative essay written by Amy. She conveyed her fear of height effectively. This essay is obtained from a website.

Organization of the essay
Paragraph| A new paragraph is formed when something changes in the story.| Thesis statement| Amy decided to ascend a path to an area above a 100-ft. Waterfall even when she is terrified of heights.| Topic sentences| 1) Amy and her friends were on a day trip to the Boquerón, a gorgeous, lush spot in the foothills of Peru. 2) After eating their sack lunches within sight and sound of the fall, many of them wanted to make the climb to an area above it. 3) The climb ascended steeply above them. 4) All that Amy could think about was how far it would be to fall. 5) Questioning her own sanity, Amy decided at least to attempt the climb. 6) She was soon past the first challenge safely, but not feeling much better about the rest of the climb. 7) The difficulties only increased from that point on, with scary spot after scary spot. 8) With friends supporting her by words and actions, she slowly gained ground. 9) The slight handholds were few and far between. 10) Since getting up this next part was next to impossible, and waiting for a rescue helicopter was not an option, with fear and trembling Amy decided to go down, but not alone. 11) . A slip would mean an extremely long drop. 12) With no further mishaps, Amy and her friends came eventually to the last troublesome spot, the stretch between two boulders that had given Amy problems on the way up. 13) There were two possible descents from here. 14) She knew she has to take Seth’s route. 15) Seth held Amy’s feet tightly and slowly lowered her, guiding her feel to a firm place as she let her body slide over the leaves, twigs, and rock. 16) She had never felt so alive, and so thankful for that life.| Supporting details| 1) Its prime attraction is the main waterfall, about 100 feet high, that thunders into a crystal clear pool feeding the Aguaytia River. All around the pool and on down to the rushing river are boulders large and small. The beach is strewn with rocks. On both sides of the fall, the jungle stretches to meet it, rising parallel to it on a gentler slope. 2) A few friends went first to make sure they were on the right path. But after they left, Amy’s group of seven decided to go ahead without waiting for them to return. They went along the base of the hill until they reached the climb. 3) Along the right edge the jungle hugged the rocks; passage through its trees did not look feasible. Peering back down toward the river, Amy saw a steep slope of rocks all the way to the water. 4) Amy voiced her uncertainties to her friends. They dismissed her fears and encouraged her to stick it out. 5) She was speechless when watched her friend Tom suddenly, slipped and slid backward about 10 feet. 6) Consoling that her friend Seth would be right behind, she shakily began the ascent. The “path” led up a narrow area between boulders. In it, they reached a place where there just were no good handholds. Seth braced my foot, and those above sent down words of encouragement. 7) Her heart raced faster when she thinks about the long drop to the boulders below. 8) Her friends were supporting her all the time. She trusted them more than herself. 9) She thinks that she couldn’t handle such a stretch. So, she must decide to go back down. 10) Amy and her friend, Melody who decided to go with her prayed for their safety and started descending. 11) Amy was uncertain of sliding to the...
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