Types of Entrepreneurship by Professor Mirjana Radović-Marković, Phd

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  • Published : July 31, 2012
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Professor Mirjana Radović-Marković, PhD

What is the entrepreneurship? Who are the entrepreneurs? What makes them different from those who are not? Is the entrepreneurship only one of the options in choosing a career? These are only some of many questions, that experts who deal with this topic, are trying to give an answer. Actually, the entrepreneurship is a scientific domain, for which the scientists, businesspersons and the countries all over the world show their interest. The concept of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs has changed for the last few centuries, since the first definitions appeared. This concept can be examined and analyzed from several aspects. First, it can be examined through the contribution to economic growth, opening of new vacancies and competitiveness growth. Secondly, we can analyze it from the angle of various types of entrepreneurship, both, traditional forms and contemporary ones, or those which concepts have just been defined. This field has a multi dimensional concept because of many definitions and different approaches to entrepreneurship. Therefore, we can often find many non-consistencies in interpreting it or wrong terminology use. Thus, the corporate entrepreneurship can be found in literature under the term entrepreneurial behavior or interentrepreneurship. Besides, entrepreneurship is, in many cases, considered only as entrepreneurial activities in small private business where the economic value and profit are the main goals. However, the entrepreneurship is not the synonym for small business. It also considers the social entrepreneurship aimed at creating the social


value, and many other types of entrepreneurship, which will be the topic for discussion in this book. Each chapter will include the test questions, questions for discussion, key terms, reminder of the most important parts and finally the literature. . Author


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