Types of Engineering: Roles and Responsibilities

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Engineering Test

Types of Engineering – Roles & Responsibilities

Civil EngineeringBranch of engineering which deals with the construction and design of highways, dams, buildings, reservoirs and other similar facilities. The engineers have a great deal of responsibility as they have to plan the facilities as well as managing the construction Aeronautical EngineeringDeals with the building of aircraft. The engineers are responsible for overseeing design, assembly, testing and repairing of the aircraft and aviation systems. Aeronautical engineering can be further broken down into different sections such as military fighter jets and missiles, commercial aircraft and helicopters. Structural EngineeringEngineers are involved with the design of building and other structures as well as the design of machinery and medical equipment. They must ensure that their designs satisfy the given criteria and that they are safe. Mechanical EngineeringEngineers combine both maths and physics in order to design a product with a particular function. The process includes designing a blue print, researching and analysing design proposals, specifications, cost, and maintenance as well as diagnosing faulty operations and correcting them. Electrical EngineeringThis is concerned with the development of electrical technology, its application and concepts. Electrical engineers focus on designing, maintaining and improving products which are powered by or produce electricity. They design, test and assemble new devices.

Types of Bridges

Suspension Bridge
Cable Stay Bridge

Cantilever Bridge

TensionIs the state of being stretched tight. An example includes a rubber band being stretched. CompressionIs the action of compressing or being compressed. It reduces the area which something takes up but keeps its mass the same. A sponge and a pogo stick are examples. TorsionIs the act of twisting or being twisted. An example is a bendy ruler being twisted or...
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