Types of Energy Sources and Its Comparative Study

Topics: Energy development, Wind power, Nuclear power Pages: 8 (1888 words) Published: March 19, 2011
Study Paper : Types of Energy Sources and its comparative Study

Bharati Patil
Arts Science Commerce College Ojhar Mig

Abstract- The ever increasing need for Energy for development and decreasing the natural resources like fossil fuels like Crude oil , natural gas ,coal is major concern for the coming future years for increasing population and energy relying Lifestyles of future generation. The Global warming due to Green house gases ( CO2 , Methane etc) also concern for the Fossil future and its utilization. Now its is need of finding energy resources which will be sustainable ,renewable , cost effective ,clean for environment etc. The derivation of commercial conversion of energy from the renewable energy resources like Wind, Solar (Sun) , Hydro Power , Geo thermal , Bio Fuel and Hydrogen based Fuel cells. The major consumption of energy is for Industrial use, Transport (Cars , Heavy vehicles ) , Lighting purpose. The energy saving is equivalent to energy generation and there is need for efficient technology development is required in utilization of energy itself. The renewable energy also had limitation of available time for conversion and renewable energy is not constant source of energy at given instant of time. Secondary energy storage technologies for batteries , super capacitors Fuel cells development is the need of the time.


The Energy requirement of the world is rapidly increasing due to improvement in life styles of people due to Globalization effect. The increase in population of world is also one reason for rise in demand for energy. The fundamental source of energy today is from Fossil Fuel like Crude Oil derivatives like petrol , disel , electricity from Thermoelectric plants which utilizes coal , Natural Gas etc. The problem with these sources are that these are decreasing exponentially with its utilization. Also these energy sources created problem of Global Warming due to Release of Green Houses gases like CO2 , Sulpher di oxide ,methane etc in environment and Global warming is threat to life of earth occupants. The major consumption of energy fields are Industry ( All type)

Transportaion ( Car,railways ,aeroplanes etc)
Lighting during Night
Appliances like A.C,Refrigerators ,TV ,media
We can not imagine Human life without above .
The 1 MW Coal based Thermal Power plant produces following pollution to environment •1338 tons of Carbon dioxide
17 tons of Sulphur Oxide
4 tons of Nitrogen Oxide

966 tons of Ash
Fixing of CO2 in nature requires Forest ( Green Trees).But due to increase in population in India we are cutting down forest space to agriculture or habitat for human beings. The solar water Heaters placed on roofs of Building saves the energy needs considerably .The cost incurred is justified for 2 and ½ year only considering todays electricity rate and 4 years with todays LPG rate. For Green Bulding concept this has to come as mandatory requirement for Town Planning policies. Converting waste in to Energy : Agriculture waste , Food waste , etc. converted in to electrical energy and organic fertilizers.

The energy Sources can be classified in to following classes Conventional Energy Sources like Fossil Fuel ( Crude oil , Coal etc) : which generate Green House gases like CO2 etc.These energy sources and non-sustainable.( Not lasting long time and exhaust after utilization. Energy security is problem. Advantage : Constant & easy source of energy.

Clean Energy Sources : Renewable Energy ( Eco Friendly , Sustainable ( last long ) .These sources are derived from Nature Wind , Solar ,Tidal ,Geothermal Hydro Power Plant (water reservoirs),Hydrogen based Fuel cells etc. Nuclear Energy : This source can not be forgotten or

Unnecessary safety debate now since advancement in technology. This is also clean source of energy barring exhaust hot water drain outs. The Energy security is...
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