Types of Drivers

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Roger Delgadillo.
Eng 099.
There are two kinds of drivers.
1) Responsible Drivers
-They drive carefully on streets.
For example: if they see someone walking on the street they began to drive slowly. -They respect traffic signals.
2) Irresponsible Drivers
-They do not drive carefully.
-They do not respect any traffic signal.
For example: two weeks ago, I saw an accident because one of the drivers did not respect traffic signals, and he did not stop in the red traffic light. Thus, the irresponsible driver died. Conclusion.

Drivers can be responsible or irresponsible depending on how they drive. Kinds of Drivers
In every parts of the world there exist more than 600,000 people that drive cars. Many of them are people between 16 and 45 years old, but just the 35% of them has a car. Many drivers begin to drive from 16 years old, and the 85% ends at 57 years old. Drivers have to have a good physic and psychology condition. Some of them like to drive fast, but others like to drive slow depending where they from. Be a driver can cause conflict such as, go to jail, and spend too much money because of accidents. Drivers can cause suffering because of accidents. There are two different kinds of drivers, responsible and irresponsible drivers.

The First kind of drivers is the responsible driver. First of all, responsible drivers are people that always get worry about the people who are walking on streets. They drive extremely careful to prevent accidents. For example, if the responsible drivers see someone walking on the street he began to reduce velocity. Furthermore, responsible drivers respect traffic signals as a result they do not broke rules. For example, if they see a traffic light that indicates “stop” the red signal they obey that traffic signals. In Conclusion, responsible drivers are people that know and like to prevent accidents.

The second kind of drivers is the irresponsible driver. Firstly, Irresponsible...
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