Types of Describing Characters in the Novel "Jane Eyre" by Ch. Bronte

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Victorian literature was produced during the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901). Often considered a bridge between the romantic-era works of the previous century and what would become the literature of the newly industrialized world of the twentieth century, Victorian literature is characterized by a strong sense of morality, and it frequently champions the downtrodden. It is also often equated with prudishness and oppression, and while this is sometimes true, Victorian literature is also known for its attempts to combine imagination and emotion with the neoclassical ideal of the accessibility of art for the common person. One of the best-known authors of this period is Charlotte Brontë. Growing up in Victorian England, Charlotte and her sisters were inspired by the Romantic authors of the time including Sir Walter Scott,William Wordsworth and Lord George Gordon Byron. As sisters and authors, Charlotte, Emily and Anne gave each other moral support, shared creative ideas and proof-read one another’s work.  Inspired through events close to her heart and those she created in imaginary worlds, Charlotte Brontë continues to charm readers with her unconventional characters, particularly in the novel “Jane Eyre”, which features a strong, defiant, and independent heroine. Such a character was not typically seen in the fiction of the period (1816-1855), and may have had much to do with Charlotte and her sister’s tremendous sense of loss after the death of their mother. Through her work, Charlotte dealt with the tragedy and solitude of her upbringing, and she managed as well to provide financial security for herself and her family. Little did she know that her writing would also bring her literary immortality. The theme of the work is “The ways of describing characters in the novel “Jane Eyre” by Ch. Bronte The object of the work is the ways of describing characters in Ch. Bronte’s novel “Jane Eyre” and the subject of the research is the novel “Jane Eyre” by Ch. Bronte as a model of Victorian Literature The purpose of the work is to study the ways of Ch. Bronte’s characterizing the characters in her novel “Jane Eyre”. To achieve this purpose it is necessary to solve the following tasks: 1. To define the main facts of Charlotte Bronte’s life. 2. To discover the peculiarities of Victorian Literature. 3. To show the ways of Ch. Bronte’s characterizing the characters in the novel “Jane Eyre”. The main research techniques used are:

1. Theoretical analysis of academic literature that deals with the theme. 2. Contrastive analysis.
3. Systematization.
The work consists of the introduction, two chapters, conclusions to each chapter and general conclusions.

The novel “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Brontë as a model of Victorian Literature

1.1. The Victorian Epoch in Literature

The Victorian period formally begins in 1837 (the year Victoria became Queen) and 1901 (the year of her death).  As a matter of expediency, these dates are sometimes modified slightly.  1830 is usually considered the end of the Romantic period in Britain, and thus makes a convenient starting date for Victorianism.  Similarly, since Queen Victoria’s death occurred so soon in the beginning of a new century, the end of the previous century provides a useful closing date for the period. The common perception of the period is the Victorians are “prudish, hypocritical, stuffy, [and] narrow-minded”.  This perception is (as most periodic generalizations are) not universally accurate, and it is thus a grievous error to jump to the conclusion that a writer or artist fits that description merely because he or she was prominent during the mid to late 18th century.  However, it is also true that this description applies to some large segments of Victorian English society, particularly amongst the middle-class, which at the time was increasing both in number and power.  Many members of this middle-class aspired to join the...
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