Types of Catapults

Topics: Catapult, Trebuchet, Mangonel Pages: 2 (371 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Isaiah Nields
Mrs. Ellis
Physical Science 8th
December 16, 2012
“Types of Catapults”
* Trebuchet- “The word "Trebuchet" is originally French, and meant something like "to fall over or rotate about the middle" as in a see-saw rotating on its axle. It also seems to have meant a big, heavy beam. Today a Trebuchet is any kind of catapult that is powered by a massive counterweight on one end of an arm, and a sling on the other end. This includes Perriers, or "traction" trebuchets which are powered by a mass of people pulling one end of the arm with ropes.” ("All about Catapults.") (Trebuchet Castelnaud.) * Ballista- “This is a two-armed torsion device invented by the Greeks. It works similar to a crossbow, but instead of a flexible bow, it uses two stiff arms powered by twisted rope skeins like an Onager. The ballista predates the Onager by several centuries and was used to hurl stones (lithobolos style ballista) and also bolts or darts.” ("All about Catapults.") (2-talent caliber) * Onagers- “Onager is originally the name for the wild Asian donkey. This donkey bucks like a bronco if anyone gets too close to it, and it is known to kick stones at people and predators too. So when the Romans needed a name for their one-armed torsion catapult, they called it the Onager! The Onager (catapult) has a single arm that is powered by a large skein of twisted ropes. The ropes were usually made from hair or sinew for their elastic properties.” ("All about Catapults.") (Roman Onager)

* Mangonel- “The word Mangonel derives from the ancient Greek word "Manganon", literally meaning "engine of war". The Romans called it a Manganum. In pre-medieval French the word Manganum was changed to Manganeau, and the English changed that to Mangonel in the 1300s.” ("All about Catapults.") (Catapulta DER 1962 )

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