Types of Business Letter

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Types of Business Letters: Style

Modified Block
* Type the first line of each new paragraph flush with the left margin for this style. All lines of the body of the letter are flush with the left margin, according to English Plus. When you're typing a letter in modified block style, the date and closing of the letter are both placed in center alignment, according to Library Online. Skip one line between paragraphs, the greeting ---- "Dear _______:" and the body of the letter. When you've finished typing the body of the letter, skip a line before typing out the closing ---- "Sincerely: _______." Semi-block

* As you start typing a letter in semiblock style, skip one line between the greeting and body of the letter. The first line of each paragraph is indented for this style, according to English Plus. When you finish typing one paragraph and begin the second, skip one line between paragraphs. As with the modified block letter style, skip one line between the body of the letter and the closing. Center the date and the closing for the semiblock business letter style.

* All typed lines are flush to the left margin (left justified) in the block business letter style. When you finish one paragraph and start a subsequent paragraph, skip one line between each paragraph. Skip one line between the greeting and body of the letter and do the same between the body and closing of the letter. * Indented Style 

The date, signature, and address heading (if not on preprinted letterhead stationary) are aligned on the right side of the page. The greeting is flush left. Paragraphs in the body of the letter are indented with no space line between paragraphs. Postscript and notations are flush left. * Memorandum Style or Memo

This is a business format that is best used for interoffice correspondence. Directly above the body of the memorandum, are the following sections flush left:  "Date:" 
"To:" Name or column of names of those people to whom memorandum...
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