Types of Bill of Lading

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Types of Bill Of Lading

There are two types of Bill of Lading (B/L) on the basis of Receipt of cargo:- 1. Shipped on Board B/L: Cargo is on board the vessel, It confirms the buyer that cargo is actually shipped. 2. Received for Shipment B/L:  Shipping Company confirms having received the goods for shipment by the vessel mentioned therein. When the goods later loaded on the vessel, a supplementary clause may be inserted in B/L, if it’s not already negotiated: “Actual shipped on Board” – On (Date) and is signed by Shipping agent or Shipping Company Type of Bill of Lading on the Basis of Trade Parties Involved 1. House Bill of Lading: Issued by Freight Forwarder or Agent having MTO License from DGFT, Ministry of Shipping. 2. Master Bill of Lading: Issued by Shipping or Agent having MTO (Ministry of Transportation) License from DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Ministry of Shipping. Types of Bill of Lading on the basis of Voyage

1. Direct B/L: It covers transportation on one and same vessel from POL to POD i.e., shipment on vessels offering direct calls from port to port. 2. Through B/L: It covers transportation with transshipment, Inland transportation involved at origin port or destination or at both the sides. Throughput B/L usually show “transshipment at carriers’ expense but at consignee’s risk” Types of bills of lading on the basis of beneficiaries: -

1. Bill of Lading “To Order”: B/L is drawn on order of the shipper, the consignee or bank can be endorsed in favor of another person who may be the final receiver or an intermediate beneficiary. Commonly used in commercial transaction 2. Bill of Lading “To Bearer”: Bearer of bill of lading can obtain delivery of goods. There is no endorsement of bank or Consignee is required on the same. Types of Bill of Lading on the basis of reservation by the carrier 1. Clean Bill of Lading: If there is no clause or comment by the carrier in the bill of lading than it shall be considered as clear B/L. 2. Clause Bill of Lading: If any clause or comment mentioned than it would be clause bill of Lading. For e.g., “Dented Drums” Other Types of Bill of Lading

* Inland bill of lading
* Ocean bill of lading
* Air waybill
An inland bill of lading is a document that establishes an agreement between a shipper and a transportation company for the transportation of goods. It is used to lay out the terms for transporting items overland to the exporter’s international transportation company. An ocean bill of lading is a document that provides terms between an exporter and international carrier for the shipment of goods to a foreign location overseas. An air waybill is a bill of lading that establishes terms of flights for the transportation of goods both domestically and internationally. This document also serves as a receipt for the shipper, proving the carrier’s acceptance of the shipper’s goods and agreement to carry those goods to a specific airport. Essentially, an air waybill is a type of through bill of lading. This is because air waybills may cover both international and domestic transportation of goods. By contrast, ocean shipments require both inland and ocean bills of lading. Inland bills of lading are necessary for the domestic transportation of goods and ocean bills of lading are necessary for the international carriage of goods. Therefore, through bills of lading may not be used for ocean shipments. Inland and ocean bills of lading may be negotiable or non-negotiable. If the bill of lading is non-negotiable, the transportation carrier is required to provide delivery only to the consignee named in the document. If the bill of lading is negotiable, the person with ownership of the bill of lading has the right of ownership of the goods and the right to re-route the shipment. Air cargo

Air cargo shipment is most common and practical way of receiving your orders on time and cost saving. If your orders volume is 100 kilos plus then air...
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