Types of Audits

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Types of Environment Audits
Site Audit
1. Reclamation of Land
* Important because the inception of the Mining Act was passed in 1869. * was periodically amended and in 1991 included closure and reclamation * Therefore, after the amended Mining Act in 1991 when a mine begins its operation it must have plans, procedures and funds to restore the land to its natural state. 2. Longer term protection of close sites

* A closed mine site can be monitored forever due to the hazardous materials * Companies that mine the site are ultimately responsible * Predicting long term environmental impact is difficult

* Must consider the health and local environment and social structure of community after a mining operation’s end * The risk associated with companies that become insolvent and the costs associated with a closed mine and keeping it safe Health and Safety Audit

3. Adequately prepared for and responded to oil spills (tankers) * Current system in place will be reviewed with an illustrative example later in the report * Review private sector certified response organization to ensure that they have the following: * Up to date management plans

* Conduct training
* Have the necessary equipment to respond to ship-source oil spills 4. Accident prevention for hazardous materials
* Inspection are outsourced to a 3rd party
* Important because how reliable is the information to Northern Development’s department * Ensures that fuel is properly stored, tailings ponds are structurally sound, and hazardous wastes are being properly disposed. Compliance Audit

5. Maritime transport risk assessment
* Must have appropriate procedures in place to reduce the amount of potential harm to the environment * Must monitor and participate in the maritime liability and compensation system * Maritime liability compensation system is a four tiered system and is explained 6. Integrated structures

* Federal departments spend billions of dollars per year and therefore have a significant impact on the environment. * must be able to plan, implement and monitor selected commitments and demonstrate some results * must update sustainable development strategies every three years and must take environmental issues into account when making management decisions * However not able to identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities associated with the following sustainable development strategies: * The implementation

* Opportunities for improvement
* Reporting on departments
* Roles and responsibilities
7. Land management of reserves (Indian and Northern Affairs Canada) * Managing the use and development of land resources in a sustainable way * There are many red flags in the structure of managing the use and development of reserve lands and are as follows: * Must ask federal government to use revenue from the surrender and sale of reserve lands or other resources * Inability to use lands as collateral which limits First nations’ ability to secure financing for investment in economic development on reserves * The process of land management is labeled as slow and cumbersome by First Nations * The Indian Act which is used to mandate the land management on reserves is outdated (1876) and does not represent the current economic situations * The sustainable development on native land is restricted to the government’s approval and INAC. If INAC approved a development and the government denies that claim then the moneys stay in the trust and no development occurs for the natives. Due Diligence Audit

8. Complied with environmental requirements
* Regulating fisheries (overfishing)
9. Due diligence regarding environmental risks and impacts * Establish national marine conservation areas
* To date 10 federal marine protected areas
* Two additional sites are...
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