Types of Anime Convention Attendees

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  • Published : March 21, 2012
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Ruby Perkins
Mr. Townsend
ENG 111-07
February 22, 2012

Anime Convention Attendees
Thesis: Upon study of people who attend anime conventions, besides the normal crowd, there are six types of people to watch for: The “Classic Cosplayer,” the “Homemade Cosplayer,”the “went all out,” the otaku, the parents, and the “Total Redo.”

I. Introduction
A. Lead in
B. Thesis

II. The “Classic Cosplayer”
A. Is particular about details
B. Outfit is just like character’s down to shoes

III. The “Homemade Cosplayer”
A. Love their cosplay
B. Hate when cosplay is insulted or flaw is pointed out
C. Appreciate hard work/ spend hours on their cosplay

IV. The “went all out”
A. Similar to the classic in costume exactness
B. Study chosen character thoroughly
C. Act exactly like the character
D. Wish to be called by character’s name (occasionally)

V. The Otaku
A. Not social towards people
B. May be cosplaying, not likely
C. Purchases large amounts of merchandise then leaves
D. Does not participate in activities
VI. The Parents
A. Not cosplaying
B. General look of distaste at everyone around
C. Leave quickly as possible

VII. The “total redo”
A. Generally homemade or purchased cosplay
B. Takes character and changes to be different setting (ex. Steam-punk link, post-apocalyptic Miku Hatsune) C. Generally do work for contests

VIII. Conclusion
A. Restate thesis
B. Final Remarks

Ruby Perkins
Mr. Townsend
ENG 111-07
February 23, 2012
Anime Convention Attendees
With my unfortunate otaku habits, I have had several attempts to talk my parents into allowing me to attend Animazement. These conversations do not often go well and often require me to tell exactly who I will be with and who I’m staying with. I also make promises that I won’t talk to strangers nor will I get lost from my group or left behind. I have to get my cosplay, which is often quickly...
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