Types, Causes and Measures of Violent Crimes in Bangladesh

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Types, causes and measures of violent crimes in Bangladesh
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Date of Submission: 4thDecember 2010


Definition: A crime is any offence against public law. This term in general includes all offences whether they are violent or not. A violent crime is an offence in which the offender uses or threatens violent force upon victim. These crimes can be crimes with or without weapons. Relevant literature: Violent crime in Bangladesh is present in many forms including murder, rape, assault, domestic violence, and many others. Day by day, Bangladesh is getting a negative reputation as a lawless and violent place abroad. In the most recent survey of crime trends previously done by the United Nations, murder rate in Bangladesh is the most violent crime which was 2.3 per 100,000 people and it is increasing even more. The research found out that money is a big issue in Bangladesh. Most people committing these crimes are illiterate and thus unemployed and therefore needed a means to survive. And according to the criminals the money they get by murdering make their life really simple and easy. The United Nations also did researches in the rape rate in Bangladesh which was ranking just after murder in the issue of the most crime. This research found out that every 2 girls out of 100,000 are raped per year in our country. Along with rape there are other crimes against women in Bangladesh which are totally uncommon in other western parts of the world. This includes domestic violence, acid-attacks and eve-teasing. The research concluded violence against women in our country is more than any other country. According to them the main reason of such violence against women is the male domination is our country. In our culture men are taught not to view women seriously and women are expected to do whatever men told them to do. When a woman refuses anything to a man, the man gets to commit these crimes which he thinks is manly.

According to another research from U.S bureau of statistics, violent crimes are very much the domain of men world-wide, where the victim of such violent crimes can be anyone regardless the gender. According to Asian legal resource center (ALRC), there are 407 prisoners currently in jail who will face execution in the upcoming periods. But it opposes death penalty under some circumstances as it is a cruel and futile practice and it will give rise to serious travesties of justice and arbitrary, unjust and irrevocable violations for the right to life. From the research of American legislative exchange council (ALEC) Bangladesh is a highly populated country where it is natural that people will face illiteracy and poverty. The Government of Bangladesh is trying to control the recent rise in violent crimes. The best way for the government will be to minimize the rates of violent crimes and to focus on population control and educational programs rather than in prisons

Why did we choose this topic for our research? All the above literature suggests that Bangladesh is in a very alarming position regarding violent crimes which everyone’s attention. We, the citizens of Bangladesh, want a crime free country, where every individual can live without the fear of becoming a victim of any crime. Everyone should be conscious enough about all types of violent crimes occurring in Bangladesh. Throughout our entire research we have tried to find out the types of violent crimes, the reasons for committing these violent crimes and we have attempted to come up to some suggestions to reduce these crimes.

Methodology: A set of procedures of methods used to conduct research. Methodology represents a package of practical ideas and proven...
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