Types and Applications of Magnetic Separator

Topics: Magnetic field, Electromagnetism, Magnetism Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: June 2, 2012
1, according to the magnetic source, the magnetic separator can be divided to permanent magnetic separator and electromagnetic separator. 2, according to the strength of magnetic field, it can be divided into: (1) Weak magnetic separator, the surface magnetic strength HO=72-136 KA/m, magnetic force HgradH= (2.5-5.0) 1011 A/m. (2) Middle magnetic separator, the surface magnetic strength HO=160-480 KA/m; (3) Strong magnetic separator, the surface magnetic strength HO=480-1600 KA/m, magnetic force HgradH= (1.5-6.0) 1013 A/m. 3, according to the materials, it can be divided to wet type magnetic separator and dry type magnetic separator; 4, according to the type of magnetic field, it can be divided into constant, pulsating and alternating magnetic separator; 5, according to the body shape, it can be divided into belt-type magnetic separator, drum-type magnetic separator, roll-type magnetic separator, disc-type magnetic separator, ring-type magnetic separator, cage-type magnetic separator and pulley-type magnetic separator. In the past, the electromagnetic separator had widely used in the industrial; the body shape mainly was drum or belt type. Now, the commonly used separators are wet type and permanent magnetic separators. The weak magnetic separator is mainly used to process the ferromagnetic minerals such as magnetite, titanium magnetite and ferrosilicon. The middle magnetic separator was mainly used to process the partial oxidation and strong magnetic minerals. In the past, the strong magnetic separator was mainly used to process the coarse minerals. The dry-type strong magnetic separator was used to process the non-ferrous minerals or rare metal minerals. In the recent years, we have developed various forms of wet-type magnetic separator to process the low grade, complex composition and weak magnetic minerals, for example ring-type strong magnetic separator, cage-type and disc-type strong magnetic separator. The specific production flow of magnetic...
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