Typeface and Question

Topics: Typeface, Logic, Argumentative Pages: 2 (664 words) Published: May 5, 2013
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I am worried that my answer might be wrong. Or, similar: I am worried that my answer will reveal that I am unitarist / radical / pluralist: We are not here to judge your work in terms of whether or not we agree with your point of view. Our job is to assess the strength of your argument in terms of whether it provides a response to the question, the logical consistency of that response, the way evidence that is incorporated into the argument and so on. Different points of view provide different answers to the question, it would be a bit much if we invited you to see different points of view and then rejected the validity of all but one. This links very closely to the theory question: it is vitally important that you yourself recognise your own position and argue from that. Your essay runs the danger of being incoherent if you mix and blend different theoretical perspectives. Identifying your own views and assumptions is a good way to start answering the question.

Does ‘answer the question’ mean I just need to give my personal opinion? This depends on what you mean by personal opinion. Opinions can be informed or uninformed. We are looking for your answer to the question and assessing answer in terms of the logical consistency in the argument, the evidence used to support the argument, the link between the evidence and the argument.

I was taught to structure my essays in the format ‘argument, counter-argument, rebuttal’: The important thing is that you know what your answer is. How you get to that answer is up to you. We look for logical consistency. There is a danger here with the argument, counter-argument, rebuttal script, which is that you say one thing, then the opposite. It is not a good idea to present...
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