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Kevin Lang Pd.5

1. Omniscient 3rd person narration is McCarthy’s third-person narration of his characters with their respective evil dispositions and a dark setting.

2. The effect is that it leaves the characters flat and 2-dimensional.

3. I think Bell’s attribute of story-telling would be absent if Moss gave the novel from his point of view. Moss is quite boring in an intellectual sense, so his tale would be more robotic, more bland. It’s quite hard to say because McCarthy told Moss’s story through more physical descriptions; talking about his actions rather than the opposite Bell, whose moral stories were engaging.

4. Nihilism, as seen from the text, seems to be a description for the pointlessness of one’s actions ad thoughts. As if the characters in No Country did not affect the standpoint of the world at all through their actions.

5. Because the evil of Chigurh and the moral code of Bell “merely underscore the pointlessness of any discussion of morality”.

6. The function of the frames is that they draw explicit “meta-textual to the purpose of narration” and they foreground the nature and purpose of story-telling.

7. Tropes are recurring motifs, themes.

8. Ok

9. “The Bad Guy Wins” and “Badass”

10. “Creepy Monotone”

11. I agree with Woods to some extent. The story is very generic, stripped down and bland, but I believe the themes expressed carry a much deeper meaning than most see.

12. Minimalist writing is a style where you strip down all aspects of a rich environment and engaging characters, and show the rawness of the world and its conflicts.

13. It underscores it in ways that reveal ambiguous, but nonetheless important themes regarding very philosophical, and didactic subjects.

14. It is Chigurh

15. Questions that revolve around the capacity of language, the creative power of the mind, and the philosophical output of individual moral codes.

16. It is more fragmented than his other novels, with the...
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