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  • Published : June 6, 2011
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Ty Cobb could be easily called the greatest baseball player of all time. His determination and persistence is what made him the best. Through the lessons and morals of hard work that his father had taught Ty Cobb as a boy, he was able to become a great hard-working baseball player. His personal life was hard at times, but nonetheless he earned astonishing achievements in the 24 season playing career in the American league. A batting record for runs scored of 2,245, runs batted in of 1,937, a record of 892 stolen bases, and his record of a batting average of .366 has still not been beaten. His record of 96 stolen bases in one season in 1915 was not beaten until 1962. No one can deny his skill in the sport, he took it further than anyone else did at that time. Ty showed that it was not a sport for those who were not rough, or not willing to get a few bruises. The balance between intelligence and athleticism in the game is what he was interested in. Every baseball player, from the minors and up, are not only playing for the team, but also for themselves. There are plenty of benched players who are willing to get their chance.

Tyrus Raymond Cobb was born on December 18, 1886 in Royston, Georgia. His mother was a very young woman named Amanda Chitwood. Ty’s father, William Herschel Cobb, bought a 100 acre farm to supplement his teaching income. This farm is where Ty learned his hard working values and morals from his father. They grew very close to each other thanks to farming. Baseball was played very differently back then. “It was as gentlemanly as a kick in the crotch” His father was disapproving when Ty spent a lot of his time playing baseball. He says he started playing "because I loved the competition, the matching of muscle and wits. It was a joust and a challenge". Ty used to wind yarn around and coved it in leather in order to make his own baseballs. “…The new kid in town who owned a hittable ball could overcome social obstacles faster than a boy who...
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