Txt vs Calling

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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Texting vs. Calling
It seems that more and more people are in the process of making conventional phone calls and are putting their fingers to good use to text instead, as we all may know people say “texting is my lifeline“, and continue to claim that “sending a text is faster and cheaper than making a call”. Yes, if people are savvy in the art of texting perhaps conversation can be faster than a phone call would be and can even be less expensive. However, in general, the convenience of texting is more important to teens then the cost of savings. But too much of a good thing is never ideal. Although phone calls and texting aim to accomplish the same task, texting can have direct consequences if not used in moderation.

Old fashioned phone conversation are more sincere. They allow people to talk on a personal level even though they may not be physically next to each other. It informs that the more richly you engage someone, the more potential there is for embarrassment. This is a valid statement and because phone calls are more intimate it makes sense that there is a greater chance for embarrassment. On the other hand, short text messages relieve kids of that anxiety. Embarrassment is an emotion that most people try to painstakingly avoid. But should it be avoided to the extent that people don't learn how to deal with it? It is a known fact that handling embarrassment and other messy feelings is a necessary part of dealing with others. It is a skill kids have to learnt. With the rapid rise of texting, it looks as if children will never learn these important life lessons.

Because texting so popular, teens will actually go out their way to make sure they do not have to endure and phone conversation. Many teens answer their cell phones and let incoming calls go straight to voice mail, in order to train their callers to text instead, it is as if kids no longer want to talk. Kids now are texting opposed to calling. Texting can seem fun and a great convenience, but...
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