Txj Companies

Topics: Computer security, Physical security, Computer Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: February 13, 2011
First of all, the TXJ Companies did not have as much security controls at all. The security controls that were in place were controls that were easy for hackers to have access to. The security’s controls weaknesses are that the computers that were used where computers that did not have the correct firewall installed. The firewall that was installed were firewalls that did not have as much of protection. They were not installed properly. The computers did not have any data encryption at all. These computers were easily to be access by hackers. The tools and technologies that could have been used to fix the weaknesses were to upgrade their computers to the latest security system. The computers could had firewalls installed, in order for hackers to stay away. An anti-virus could had been installed in order for malicious data to have access to the computers. The computers firewall should had been installed correctly as well. The business effect of TJX’s data loss to TJX, consumers, and banks were that due to its data loss, this lead to a raised in costs. The costs were from the personal data that had been lost. The business’s costs had raised a tremendous amount. The moral dimensions that may had been applied in this situation where to realize and focus what could had really happened if there were more security from the business. For instance, the business had to think before, after making any actions. The business made the action of not making secured computers and this is why, the business had to deal with a situation like this. The smart choice was not being conducted. By not making the correct decisions, the business had lost a lot.
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