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The Texas and U.S. Constitution

The Texas and U.S. Constitution are by far the two greatest documents ever created. Reason being is that the U.S. Constitution was thought up by some this countries greatest men, and the Texas Constitution well it has the word Texas in it so that alone makes it great. However even though these two documents are great in their own respective ways they are in fact different and similar in some very interesting ways.

The United states constitution is meant to serve as guide lane for all states for all states where the document is meant only to provide a basic structure to the government, and all decisions on meaning are to be interpreted by the Judiciary branch. As said by "J. Harvie Wilkinson III" "Americans properly rever our consititution for its protection of of indivudual rights. we tend to lover look, however, that the constitution also proviveds a blueprint for our governmental structure" (p1687). The united states constition is not ment to have all the answers to all the problems we as a country might face but instead give us a starting point on the road to solving the problems. It covers a vast amount of topics how ever it does leave out some very important ones such as health care and education for instances in wich it is up to the states to decide on how they will indivudally deal with those issue as well as many others such as taxes. This also explains why the constitution when compared to any other state's constitution is alot shorter and has fewer words.

The Texas constituion is with out doubt one of the longer state constituions that is still in use today. This is because it is a "state constitution" and it needs to cover every single topic that is not already talked about in the united states consitution. It clearly lays out what the texas government can and cant do nothing is really left for interpertation in the document like it is in the united states constitution. In theory, this should preserve the...
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