Two Women Essay

Topics: Salvador Allende, Augusto Pinochet, Woman Pages: 2 (593 words) Published: March 1, 2012
In the poem “Two women” the author gives us a look into the lives of the personas, two women. They’re living through the change of government in Chile, from Salvador Allende to Augusto Pinochet. This is the main topic of which the poem surrounds itself, and what perspectives are to be given of the situation. With the use of structure and diction, the reader is able to identify universal themes present throughout the writing. Some universal themes present are: Experience, Role of Women in certain societies, and Hope. With experience, it comes back to the time period in which the personas are present and how they are experiencing sort of the same things but the differences in their lives. The role of women in certain societies, for me, meant that for each persona the role/duty of a woman is different for each of them. For the first woman it means just bearing your husband’s children, and raising them with no financial worry. For the second woman is means just making sure that your children survive and doing what you can to make sure it happens. And with hope, there’s a point in the poem where both women are in “trying times” and are hoping they will get better. The first woman speaks of the luxuries she and her family have, while the second woman speak of her hardships of raising a family. And half way through the poem each persona’s life flips. The first woman’s life has taken a downsize but nothing compared the previous life of the second; although, she complains about how horrible her life is and the luxuries her family as had to give up. While, the second is only able to show gratitude to the fact that her life has taken a turn for the better: she can now feed herself, and has newfound liberties that she can now enjoy. The structure, or how the poem was written, supports the themes in a way. A structural example would be the stanzas are organized in couplets: each stanza consisting of two lines to show the separate perspectives of each persona (woman 1 and...
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