Two Weeks with the Queen

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Two Weeks With The Queen!!!
The charcters in chapter one is mum , dad, colin who is 12 years old and his younger brother luke , luke is 8 years old. colin is very angry because he never got what he wanted for christmas a microscpe but luke got a model plane like he asked for ITS NOT FAIR. In the beging of the novel (chapter one) it is happy and peaceful, the queen looked across the mudfors livingroom and wished everyone a happy christmas in this sentence the queen is giving her speach, by starting like glitzman makes colin in a bad mood "colin scowled" colin gets fustrated because he got an old pair of daggy school shoes for christmas and he wanted a microscpoe but his younger brother luke got exatly what he wanted. Morris also shows colin is annoyed by repeting the word bet four or five times such as: bet you got what you wanted , bet if you wanted a microscope you got a microscope bet your tree was coverd with microscopes , bet nobody gave you daggy old school shoes for christmas. Colin is not happy because he had been looking foward to christmas all year just beacuse of one present a microscpoe he was hoping he would get one for his christmas but he never got one colin was so disappointed instead he got an old pair of daggy school shoes. Glitzmas shows colin is very angry by saying "colin sincere wish that the shoes would burst in to flames and explode in to pieces.
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