Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt

Topics: Advertising, Woman, Boy Pages: 3 (912 words) Published: April 4, 2012
Response to “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”:
Advertising and Violence
It is without a doubt that advertisement surrounds one’s life on a daily basis. According to Consumer Reports Website, the average American is exposed to 247 commercial messages each day. In the article “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt” the author Jean Kilbourne strongly believes that advertising is one of the culprits behind the objectification and violence against women. Kilbourne points out that ads depict men and especially women as objects, which subliminally lead to violence but to compare the advertising and pornographic industries is an exaggeration in many ways. In Kilbourne’s article she explains that advertising is damaging to the public and most often hurts women by persuading them to submit to a man’s sexual and non-emotional needs. The author also contends that the poses, the facial expressions, and the body language in these ads are being taken out of the pornography industry. Advertisement examples such as ties, watches and perfumes are used to establish that men are illustrated as being superior to women, leaving the woman to be degraded and submissive. Through more examples of both women and men in ads, Kilbourne’s states that women don’t exactly mean no when they say no and that men are strengthened not to take no for and answer. The conclusion that such media provokes the increasing of rape, sexual harassment, and battery of women is also what the author narrates. Kilbourne points out that over the years men, children and especially girls of younger age are being sexualized in advertisements. With Calvin Klein and Prada billboard examples illustrating young girls close to nudity and toddlers in underwear, the author states that this advertising industry is making it more common and acceptable for the audience to spend on designer underwear while disregarding that many children do not have the adequate nutrition. She applies the gender reversal test on...
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