Two Types of Music Compare and Contrast

Topics: Painting, Leonardo da Vinci, Color theory Pages: 2 (482 words) Published: November 11, 2012
What art means to me.
Art has many different meanings to me. First thing I would look for in a painting would be to find out who the author is of the painting itself. Then the next thing I would look for in a painting would be how the author felt while painting a picture. For example the color would tell me what the person felt before painting. Third and foremost thing I would do is research on the painting so I could find out the value of the painting

Finding out who the author is can be very important because it could help you get the information you need on the painting also you could see if the author was famous or not. If the painter was da Vinci or Picasso this would be a great opportunity for me because these two men were great painters. They took pride what they painted because they love what they do. This is why I like to look at art because of many famous painters who loves to do art.

Next thing I would do is try to figure out how the painter felt about his painting. I think different color on a painting would describe what the author felt when he painted the picture. I think if a painting has warm color this could mean the painter was happy. I also think if the painter uses dark colors it could mean he may be sad or lonely or something happened to him in his life far down the line. Some authors are happy with what they paint. Therefore they paint from their hearts.

The last thing I would do is to do research on the painting to find the value of the painting. This way if I decide to purchase a painting I could have a good idea of what I would pay for a picture. Because a lot of people tries to cheat other people but if you do the research then you know for yourself how much the painting is worth. There’s many fakes of certain art out there where people copies them this way you know what to look for in a painting.

In the conclusion art means a lot to me. There’s many thing you could learn from an author’s name such as if the painter is...
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