Two Sisters and Siwash Rock

Topics: War, Stanley Park, Protagonist Pages: 3 (1253 words) Published: May 9, 2013
These two First Nations legends are similar in various ways. The Two Sisters and Siwash Rock are both superstitions that have transcended time. These stories have been narrated by the Natives which they in turn have received from their ancestors. They are legends that have been passed down from each generation to their descendants. The authenticity of these stories is unknown as they date back thousands of years ago. All we have to show are the stone monuments that can be seen today. In the Two Sisters, the “Lions of Vancouver” have stood in the high mountain tops for thousands of years and will stand for thousands of years to come. These stolid and unwavering twin rocks have looked over the grounds of the Indians. In the Siwash Rock, The legend begins thousands of years ago and the Siwash Rock will endure from everlasting to everlasting. The two legends are similar in the respect that they both indicate that the mementoes of their glorious past will last for an indefinite amount of time. In both legends, the protagonists have been turned to rocks. They both had their lives entwined with that of the Sagale Tylee. Although some may not be as enthusiastic about having their lives abruptly turned into a timeless state, the Indians were filled with self-esteem at this glory. The two sisters were granted immortal life by the Sagale Tylee, the revered God of the Indians. He bestowed upon the sisters a great honour for their deeds. Likewise, the handsome boy chief was given the same honour, granted by the Sagale Tylee yet again. The Sagale Tylee was described as being the almighty god in both of the stories. Both stories reflect on the strong beliefs of the Indian tribe and promote traits that are humane.

Although there are many portions of the tales that overlap with each other, these two stories are also different and have their unique details that distinguish them from one another. The two legends have different names that people call them. The two sisters are...
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