Two Side of Technology

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  • Published : April 15, 2013
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Two Aspects of Technologies

Technology is a great invention. Internet and computer have been acting as valuable tools for us. It goes without saying that the births of computer and mobile phone of twentieth century are one of the biggest changes in our world. Thanks to their conveniences, they have made people’s lives become easier and the world nowadays seem to be a small village to be simple to communicate. However, there are some dangers for society due to our abuses of technology. With modern technologies of computer, our lives are much more convenient than before. Actually, we can access information about anything of the world only by a click on the screen. We can also discover any place while staying at home with your connected computer. A student or pupil can easily access their e-books in the library of the universities or school within a few seconds instead of spending hours going there and more than hour looking for the books. Let us imagine a circumstance that when your task require another information. With a computer connected internet, it only takes us a few minutes to find out the information we need for the company instead of going around to find them everywhere nervously. Consequently, we can finish your mission more quickly and intelligently than we do without internet system. Also, we do not have to go to shops or stores to buy clothes, mobile phones or something else you need; instead, we can surf online by a click for order; right away, they will be delivered to your home. Cell phone is intelligent device, which is very helpful to our lives. Obviously, mobile phones give us powerful utilities. With special function, you can bride the gap in spaces and time to have a talk to anyone wherever. Mobiles itself are gadgets for parent to connect and even track their children at school. To make this point further, many parents want to know where their children are and what they do in school time. That can be easily solved by making...
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