Two Political Thinkers during the Scientific Revolution

Topics: Political philosophy, Government, Thomas Hobbes Pages: 2 (483 words) Published: January 17, 2012
In the start of the Scientific Revolution, people started thinking differently. Scholars and philosophers began to rethink their views about the old society and the way of living. Aspects of government, religion, economics and education were criticized. Two political thinkers, Thomas Hobbes and John Locke both experienced political hardships throughout their times, however they both came to two totally different conclusions on how future government should be ran.

Thomas Hobbes’ Leviathan expressed his views of how the government should run the people they governed. Leviathan stated that the people should hand over their rights to one strong ruler. He believed that all humans were all naturally selfish and wicked and by having a ruler to have complete control over them, they will gain order and obedience. Thomas believed that without a strong ruler, people will constantly have war with one another and life would be “poor and short.” Hobbes called this agreement by which people created this type of government the “social contract”. In short, Hobbes believed that the best type of government was an absolute monarchy, which will impose order and demand obedience; a “sea monster” type of ruler to control the wicked people.

John Locke had a more positive and respectable view on human nature and how they should be properly governed. According to his views, he believed that people are born free and equal with natural rights given to them. He stated that people could learn from experience and improve themselves for the better. John believed that the purpose of the government is to protect these natural rights that are given to people as soon as they are born. If the government wasn’t performing the duties that the people have given them, the people themselves have the right to remove them from office. This type of government influenced modern democracy.

I believe John Locke’s “Natural Rights” is the more understandable and reliable type of government...
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