Two Poems Good for Studying in Year 7

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Essay Poems for Studying in Class

Two poems that would definitely be great choices for year sevens to study in year 7 would have to be The Lesson by Roger McGough and Half Caste by John Agard. The Lesson would be great to study because it contains quite a deal of black humor and also contains subject matter that would appeal to year sevens. John Agard Half Caste would also be great to study because of the phonetic style in the way it’s written and furthermore it would be good to study because of the way it interests year sevens to find out what it actually means.

The Lesson by Roger McGough would be a fantastic poem to study because of it’s black humor. In the poem a teacher walks in, gives the children homework and then kills them with a variety of weapons. This may not be funny to many adults but to year sevens this is hilarious. A stanza that a year seven might enjoy could be, ‘Then sword in hand he hacked his way between the chattering rows first come first severed fingers feet or toes.’ This poem conveys a great feeling and atmosphere of humor and would definitely be a good choice for year sevens to study next year.

Another reason why this poem would be good for year sevens to study is that it contains relevant poetic techniques to learn such as similes: for example, “they collapsed like rubber dingies when the plugs pulled out. Personification is also used in the poem “silence shuffled forward with its hand up in the air”. This quote uses personification because silence cannot shuffle forward with its hand up in the air. These poetic techniques are very relevant for year sevens to learn and because of this year sevens should most definitely study this

Half Caste by John Agard would also appeal to year sevens because of the phonetic way it’s written. ‘Ah looking at yu wid de keen
half of mih eye’. This is more of a fun and interesting way to write. He writes phonetically because he’s from a Caribbean background and wants the poem to sound like he...
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