Two Outlets

Topics: The Metamorphosis, Franz Kafka, Cockroach Pages: 3 (1025 words) Published: January 22, 2013
Two Outcasts

The metamorphosis is a great book by Franz Kafka; it’s basically the story of a hardworking traveling salesman who wakes up as a cockroach. The book takes the reader through Gregor’s life after he has turned into a roach. Kafka allows us to get into Gregor’s thoughts and pretty much analyze what he must be going through after his transformation. Blue line incident is a short poem by Jacob Saenz. The poem describes a night on the train in Philadelphia. The poem is about the narrator and a stranger who he sees on the train, who happens to be a gang member selling cocaine. There are many differences between the metamorphosis and the blue line incident. Where one character is a traveling sales man in the metamorphosis, the main character in blue line incident is a young student. The poem takes place on a train where as the book takes place in a home. In the end of the metamorphosis the main character dies as in the poem the main character talks about killing a complete stranger that he saw on the train. Despite these and many other differences between the book and the poem, when looked in much deeper they both have a lot in common; there are many similarities between the two. One of the major themes that the book and the poem share in common are the two main characters’s being an outcast. Both characters seem like people who are neglected and not much cared for. Even though the metamorphosis seems a lot different from the Blue line incident, there are in fact quite similar.

Even though all the differences between the metamorphosis and the blue line incident, the theme of both character’s being an outcast is visible to the reader. In the poem the main character or the narrator seems to be in a heavily gang influenced neighborhood. In the poem Saenz says “I was just a brown boy in a brown shirt, head shaven w/fuzz on my chin, staring at treetops & rooftops seated in a pair of beige shorts”(Saenz Line 12-14) This suggests that the narrator was...
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