Two Olympic Styles of Wrestling

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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Freestyle Wrestling

There are two Olympic styles of wrestling:
* Freestyle
* Greco-Roman

In Greco-Roman,
* A wrestler may not attack his opponent's legs, nor use his own legs to trip, lift or execute other moves. * The wrestler must wrestle from standing without the top of his head against his opponent’s chest. This is called passivity, and will result in a call of "CONTACT" by the official. * The official will say "contact red" or "contact blue" before actually indicating passivity by holding an open palm hand in the air with the offenders color indicated. * There is also a slight relaxation in not requiring a high arch by the attacker when a gut wrench is initiated on the mat, plus some modifications on hand attack when escaping. * Note that in either freestyle or Greco-roman, a wrestler who continually avoids contact may be called for fleeing the hold. This results in a caution and 1 point award to the aggressor.

In freestyle,
* Both the arms and legs may be used to execute holds or to defend against attack. * If legs are used as part of the attack by an aggressor, no points are scored and the wrestlers are returned to standing. * If legs are used to prevent a move, the attacker receives whatever points are gained, a caution point or points, and choice of position. If a throw from standing is blocked, the attacker receives 2 points plus the position choice. * If a move on the mat is prevented, the attacker receives 1 point plus choice. * In either case, the offender receives a single caution.

* Tournaments are held under the sanction of various organizations for insurance reasons. * The two largest organizations for wrestling are USAW (United States Grand Prix West) the national governing body, and the AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) the oldest athletic organization. * There are also various folk style organizations holding competitions throughout the US primarily during the winter months. Weight Classes

* An athlete competes at a weight class and age group consistent with other similar athletes. * Each age division has set weight classes.
* Younger age wrestlers use smaller weight spreads than older age groups, with the youngest age groups starting as light as 35 lbs in some organizations. * In Madison-type events, neither weight classes nor age groups are defined ahead of time. * Athletes are weighed in prior to the competition, and must be at the weight level or below in order to participate in the competition. * International and open age weight divisions are: 52 kg, 57 kg, 62 kg, 68 kg, 74 kg, 82 kg, 90 kg, 100 kg and 100 - 130 kg. Wrestling Mats

* Has nine meter circular competition area. There is also a 1.2 to 1.5 meter protection border on all international mats. * There is a band, a one-meter passivity "zone" on the inside of the edge of the nine meter circle. * This is close to the mat edge, and an area where wrestlers start being encouraged by officials to stay in the competition area. * The official will indicate using the term zone plus the color of the offender if wrestlers move into the zone. * A wrestler who fails to immediately move out of the zone can be called for passivity. * A wrestler who is in the zone and moves out of bounds under an immediate attack by an opponent will receive a fleeing-the-mat caution, loose 1 point, and also loose choice of position. The only exception to this is if the wrestler is actively trying to being driven out and the attacker "pushes" rather than actually attempts to gain an advantage.

* There are three officials for every international style wrestling match, a referee (on the mat) plus a chairman and a judge. * For local events, there are three officials on every mat and one a senior official. The judge sits directly across from the chairman, and indicates by hand how they interpret each scoring move. * The officials...
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