Two of the Best Vacation Spots

Topics: Climate, Miami, Tropics Pages: 2 (393 words) Published: October 28, 2010
Keelan Gillard
March 22, 2010
English 100/R
Professor J.A Turner

Two of the best vacation spots
If you are planning a trip in late march, want somewhere u can relax and enjoy yourself then Miami and Cancun are two of the best vacation spot in late march. They have unbelievable nightlife experiences that could keep you going till the morning sun and the perfect climate that is the icing on your cake. Cool ocean breeze that could make a long stressful week at work or school a paradise weekend in Miami or Cancun. Miami boasts some of the hottest nightspots in the world. In South Beach, if you are a club hopper you can stroll in the streets that are swarm with activity all night long. You can also find lots of party action and live music in the Design District area. Downtown Miami is giving South Beach a run for its money with new emerging hot spots, while I know that Coconut Grove is a favorite late-night stop for fun-seekers. As the moon makes its trek across the sky, Cancun clubs and lounges open their doors to warm ocean breezes and the beautiful people who fill their dance floors and VIP rooms to capacity every night.

Cancun and Miami are homes to two of the world's most sunny climates. Miami has a tropical climate, with hot & humid summers and warm winters, with a marked dry season in the winter. The city does experience cold fronts from in March with the average monthly temperature of about 76 °F, its beautiful place to be at that time of year. Cancun weather is fantastic year-round. High temperatures average in the high 70s in march, Cancun is a tropical climate too.

Wherever you decide to take a vacation and want to relax on the beach Miami and Cancun are the spots to be at. Whether you want to dance the night away in one of the nightclubs or spend a relaxing evening with friends in one of the many bars, the nightlife in Miami or Cancun will never disappoint you. One thing for sure you will enjoy the nightlife in Cancun or Miami you will get...
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