Two Methods of Losing Weight

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Two Methods of Losing Weight
Teri Holland-Hill
November 11, 2012
Meghan A. Anderson

A high protein diet and exercise vs. Gastric bypass are two different approaches to the same conclusion, one involves major surgery the other a lifestyle change.

A newsletter from the Wolfe Clinic stated that by the end of an average lifetime, a person would have consumed between 60,000 and 100,000 pounds of food. It would be good to know, that eating that amount of food is more healthy than not. Maintaining a high protein diet combined with exercise is important to a person’s health.

I. Visiting the Doctor First
A. Asking the right questions
B. Lab Work

II.High Protein Diet
A. More meat, Less Vegetables and Carbohydrates
B. Number of Meals A Day
C. When To Eat

A. How Many Times a Week
B. Exercise Programs Home or Gym

IV.Gastric Bypass
A. The History of Gastric Bypass
B. The Cost

Visiting the Doctor

Before beginning any diet and exercise program, it is important to see the doctor, ask questions, and pass a health exam before proceeding. In order to be successful in the execution of a plan, the groundwork must be laid and have a solid foundation. Asking the right questions and formulating a plan or a roadmap is important when beginning to develop a weight loss plan. Not all body types can succeed on the same weight loss plan, some need more diet changes and some need more exercise. Once the doctor has gathered all the information and he has answered all questions, the next step would be lab work. The lab work will make sure there is no underlying condition that may slow things down.

High Protein Diet

Researchers have stated that high protein diets are the most popular because they do a better job of satisfying hunger than fats and carbohydrates. Participants in a study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported higher weight loss when they deleted 20% of the fat from their total calories, 30% protein was increased, and 50% accounted for carbohydrates. That is still a high ratio of carbohydrates but as long as there is an exercise plan to go along with the diet, burning them off should be no problem. Another point to consider is number of meals to consume each day. Eating smaller meals more often may be better for a person’s particular metabolism. Life is fluid. We never know what is going to transpire when we will wake in the morning, so having an adjustable diet plan might be important. Other variables to consider are energy level, stress levels, and getting enough rest. One must maintain a high enough energy level to keep going throughout the day. Managing stress levels and making sure to get enough rest each night will go a long way to helping achieve definite weight loss goals. The key is to make every effort to maintain the diet once it is started, bearing in mind to keep it skewed towards higher levels of protein. Many have asked the question, when is a good time to eat, before exercising or after? According to experts and researchers in the field, it is advantageous to feed the body before and after exercising, as this is most beneficial in helping to burn more calories. Some people will skip meals because they think they will lose weight faster, but the body goes into a survival mode drawing protein from the muscles, therefore causing loss of muscle mass. With the proper diet and the correct number of meals, the liver and kidneys are where the protein is normally stored. So if the subject is consistently missing meals when exercising, not only are they slowing metabolism but also depriving the body of the fuel it needs to complete the workout, thus sending the body to...
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