Two Friends with Different Lifestyles

Topics: Private school, High school, Friendship Pages: 2 (461 words) Published: April 10, 2011
Stacey Jones
Barbara Schiffler
Composition 1
01 Sep 2007

Two friends with different lifestyles

I have heard on many occasions that “opposites attract.” There may be some truth to this statement, if opposites did not attract, what could bring two people with different lifestyles together? My good friends Shaneka and Carolina are perfect examples, “very different lifestyles,” but their friendship is inseparable. May be they developed respect and trust for each other, and that made them inseparable. My question, is what brought them together? Which leads back to, “Does opposites attract?” Carolina has no siblings, she grew up in a wealthy neighbor hood; her father is a Judge and her mother is a Physiologist. Education and religion were the main priorities for Carolina at a young age; she went to church with her parents every Sunday. Shaneka, on the other hand, was the oldest of seven children; and she lived in the Projects (low-income housing) with her six siblings, and her mother in a two-bedroom apartment. Shaneka’s priority was to take care of her younger siblings. The opportunity for her to go to school or church was difficult; she did not have the clothes to wear or the time to attend. Shaneka’s mother worked two part time jobs, and still could not provide the basic things Shaneka needed. Carolina attended the best private school in town; her wealthy parents provided her with everything she required. Carolina was happy with her life. Shaneka, however, stayed at home learning to cook, clean and baby sit. This made Shaneka discontented with her life. Carolina and Shaneka’s lifestyle was different when they were young: now they have developed into mature adults with different lifestyle. It has been over five years since Carolina and Shaneka first met. Shaneka have four kids, all her children attends public school. Being unable to complete high school, Shaneka now works two jobs and one of them is part-time. Shaneka’s priority is to provide for her...
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