Two Friends

Topics: Color, Trousers, Black Pages: 1 (460 words) Published: February 8, 2011
Did you ever compare your two friends? Everyone has at least one friend but every friend is different. I am going to compare my two best friends Monica and Sylvia. Both my friends are different by personality and the way they dress. A have a lot friends but only two that I consider to be my best friends. Monica is one of them. I know Monica since first grade. Monica is extremely messy person. For example, when I always visit Monica her room looks like a disaster. You can see her clothes everywhere, on the floor, bed, and chair. When she wakes up in the morning she spends hours dressing herself. She tries different clothes ten times before she leaves. She never folds down her clothes back into the dresser. It always takes her hours to find a perfect outfit. When she cleans her room it takes only five minutes. She always cleans her room when she has to. On the other hand Sylvia is different. I know Sylvia since second grade. She is different than Monica in many ways. Everything has to be on the right place at all times. For example, Sylvia has cleaning service but every day she cleans by her own. For example, every time when I call her she always is busy cleaning. One time when I visited her she was correcting things after cleaning service left. She was holding some family pictures in her hands and putting them in exactly the same spot where they were before cleaning service move them one inch. She always cleans her room for hours. The second difference between Monika and Sylvia is dress style. Monica loves only black color. She is always dressed in gothic clothes. For example, when we are going to the party, Monica always puts her black clothes, black shoes, black pants, and black T-shirt. She even wears black make up. She spends hours in the bathroom doing her make-up. I don’t remember seeing Monika in white T-shirt or in different color other then black. On the other hand Sylvia loves very bright colors. She always looks like a rainbow. For example, when Sylvia...
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